Youths are the leaders of tomorrow in any society. The Nigerian society has deployed several measures to see to the growth and development of the youths knowing that whoever must lead tomorrow needs to be equipped today for such huge responsibility tomorrow.

The encounter of the youths with vicious circle of poverty leading to lack of quality family virtues, unemployment, falling educational standards among other issues have impacted greatly on the psyche of our youths, especially in the last two decades, making the large population of our youths in the country to be uneducated, unemployable and highly vulnerable leading to drug use.

The combined effects of all these usually lead to dejectedness, public rejection, unworthy feeling, depression and youth restiveness, making them to embrace vices like rape, murder, kidnapping, drug abuse, hemp smoking and other hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, etc. alongside other sundry crimes.

In light of these and with an inspiration to rescue our youths from failed social standards and the desire to give every child equal opportunity in life, YOUTHS LIBERATION INITIATIVE (YLI) was established in 2016.

YLI is a Not-For-Profit (NPO), Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) duly registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on December 13, 2019.

The Objectives of YOUTHS LIBERATION INITIATIVE (YLI) include promotion and empowerment of the youths particularly those on the streets through enlightenment, reconciliation with families, education and motivation with a goal to reduce the number of the youths roaming the streets and eventually, getting them all off the streets to be a better people both for themselves and the society at large.

YLI is coordinated by God-fearing Trustees and Management Committee, who are experienced professionals representing diverse communities and interests.

We intend to develop many initiatives with the aim of collaborating in several capacities with organizations and different bodies in bringing skills to encourage and develop entrepreneurship among the youths.

Our ultimate aim is a society where youths are seen as assets and resource base of the nation that should be encouraged to develop to their full potentials.

We intend to achieve this by taking them off the streets and giving them a future by empowering them through education and skills acquisition which enables them to be on their own and be able to contribute their quota to the development of the nation.

We definitely cannot do these alone, hence the need for support and collaboration from time to time to achieve our objectives.